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My Approach

What do I do? The seemingly impossible.


For example, an All-American TE was on crutches and told he would not be able to play. After one session of PNPR™, over-the-phone, he played. The next two games, his stellar play, enabled the team to enter the national tournament.


My work is based on a healthy, not pathological model. Each situation is viewed as an opportunity to improve and move beyond perceived limitations.

Cost Effective: City of St. Paul, MN Workers' Compensation Division saved over $1 million in one year.

"Give Yourself Permission to Get Better.™"

Getting Help With "POT": The plain-old-telephone. TAP™ (also called PNPR™) is drugless, non-invasive, without surgery or manipulation. Much can be safely accomplished over-the-phone which saves valuable time.

Anchor Results, When It's Going Right: Besides seeing a client to correct an aberrant condition, I recommend working and "anchoring" a condition(s) that is working correctly.

Referrals: Most clients are referred by physicians, trainers, coaches, other health practitioners, satisfied individuals and organizations. Other referrals and inquiries are welcome.

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