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Possible help for Cavaliers All-Star Forward Kevin Love: Article-Petras Speaks, Injuries Listen

Possible Concussion Treatment for Kevin Love?
Article“ Concussions, injuries can end an athlete’s career but there’s hope.” An article by John Bassetti. Youngstown, OH Vindicator

Pain Elimination Cases
Without Drugs

Knee Pain-3 surgeries
A 46 yr old f/m client presented with severe knee pain w/limited ROM. Had 3 surgeries. Next step-replacement. Not recommended, too young. In short session, PNPR™, pain gone, ROM-100%

Psoriasis & Psoriatic Arthritis Last Wednesday,
client presented w/severe psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis symptoms. Finger on right hand bent, unable to straighten, a lot of expressed pain. After short session, patient had full ROM and no pain.

Back/Thigh Pain *DrL told me I had 5 min to work w/his cient's back/thigh pain. In 3-4 min. her pain was gone, w/o drugs or manipulation.


Bone Breaks
Cases show that it is possible to safely reduce the healing time for bone breaks.

uly 2, 2017 - Arizona Republic’s newspaper reported that MLB Diamondback SS Nick Ahmed fractured his hand and is expected to be out for 2 months.

    1    Football player - broken left wrist. Physician removes cast in four vs six weeks because of rapid healing. Athlete returns to play in four weeks and catches TD pass. <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EelhrOpQ-9Y>

    2    Swedish mental trainer had a two week old crack in the radial bone, left arm. After viewing a demonstration, he was pain-free and able to carry his luggage. <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zt47Vey9GYI>

    3    Soccer player - breaks radial bone. The bone is set at the Schwan’s USA Soccer Cup tournament clinic instead of the normal ER. Also PNPR™ <https://www.reliefforyou.com/page7.html> is utilized instead the generally recommended general and local anesthetic. Case published in Practical Pain Management Journal (Click on Journal icon to view article - <https://www.reliefforyou.com/page7.html>)

    4    X-rays indicated that an elderly patient had a broken toe. After a short PNPR™ session, the patient  was pain-free and danced, that evening, for nearly four hours on a concrete floor. (Patient testimonial letter available upon request)

Opioid epedemic, Deaths rise-AZ Governor declares health crisis.

Mental techniques safely reduce pain, so opioid use can be reduced


Coach Schouten (L) and Dr. Petras (R)

Coach Schouten and the Canadian Long track speedskating team was recently in Scottsdale training. Coach Schouten writes about my injury management and sports performance work.

PGA Tour Players: Injury Management

In addition to preventive & rehab care. "PNPR™ techniques https://www.reliefforyou.com/page7.html safely accelerated my rehab" PGA Master Pro Craig Waryan ...and reduced pain.

PGA Professional/Club Manager/MN - Rick Sitek

I have a fused vertebrae (lower back) and a partially fused vertebrae in my neck. I was a test subject in a seminar on "The Mind-Body Approach to Enhanced Golfer Performance/Playing Pain Free."

In a very short time using PNPR™ also called Talking Away Pain™ (TAP™) my neck mobility improved 20%, without pain.

Having dealt with this problem for years and to have it improve drastically, almost immediately, was incredible.

Everyday I use Dr. Petras' simple steps and I continue to play pain free.
I highly recommend!!


How to become a mental trainer. @relief4u2  http://www.frontofficesports.org/#!The-Doctor-is-in-the-Building/clfr/565a0c430cf22d62851ab8d3

This article deals with injury, pain. It applies to athletes and non-athletes alike
It’s not defensive alignments and it applies to all sports

Petras: Methods could help Olympians

Telemedicine in Sports
Working with your athletes from a distant location
What if you were injure and you doc was at a different location?
  The Use OF "POT" In Telemedicine For Surgery Pain, Ankle Injuries, Concussion Symptoms and Performance

Petras Speaks, Injuries Listen


Contact Dr. Petras. He has a safe, effective option to suffering from concussion symptoms.

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Phoenix Suns use                   When it hurts you want relief         1. Athletes Relax Away Pain
Alternative Therapies               (Click logo to view video)     2. With the Mind, Taking Away Pain
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                                                 3. Hypnosis-Wt, Smoking, Stress
Weight Loss Success Story-Hypnosis
                                                                                          5. Smoking Success Story-Hypnosis
                                                                                      6. Stress, Insomnia-Hypnosis      
                                                                                              7. Risk Taking, Confidence-Hypnosis

Arizona Republic
Sports performance beckons engineer.  March 7, 2010.  Arizona Republic -- Career Builder section, EC, front page.  By Alison Stanton.  A special for the Republic. (http://www.azcentral.com/business/articles/2010/03/05/20100305career-makeover0307.html). Mar. 5, 2010, 04:59 PM-web entry.

Ski delays working in Vonn's favor.  February 13, 2010 at 04:40 PM.  Arizona Republic –  Jeff Metcalfe’s Winter Olympics blog (http://www.azcentral.com/members/Blog/jeffmetcalfe/73940)

Apples may keep the doctor away, but almonds keep cancer, heartburn and peptic ulcers away, while a peanut oil rub keeps arthritis away.

Star Tribune-Minneapolis, MN
"Free Throws Can Be Pivotal," by Myron Medcalf.  Dr. Raymond J. Petras was quoted in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Saturday, December 12, 2009 in the article,


"Staying Healthy and Avoiding Injuries in Sports." <www.dentalcarealliance.net/staying-healthy-and-avoiding-injuries-in-sports/> This interesting and informative article deals with the physical aspects of injury. The article was forwarded to me by Meghan Guerriero <lovinghealthy.org>. She is a health counselor, who shares weight loss and healthy living experiences. Ms. Guerriero actually informs me that the article was found by her helper, Tanner. Enjoy.

Premier Regenerative Stem Cell - Helping patients heal with their own stem cells. <https//prstemcell.com>

Dignity Hockey - Devoted to helping former NHL hockey players who need a helping hand...Kurt Walker <dignityafterhockey.ca>

Helping Parents Heal  <http://www.helpingparentsheal.info>  Helping Parents Heal is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting parents who have lost children, giving them support and resources to aid in the healing process. We go a step beyond other groups by allowing the open discussion of spiritual experiences and evidence for the afterlife, in a non-dogmatic way. Affiliate groups are expected to welcome everyone regardless of religious (or non-religious) background and allow for open dialog.

Anthony Bates Foundation <http://anthonybates.org/>  Twitter @A_BatesFndtn The foundation works to save the lives with free cardiac screening. It is the physical exertion of the heart during exercise and the cool down phase of the heart that can cause a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). There may be no symptoms. Look for or request a screening in your area.

David Carfagno, D.O., C.A.Q.S.M., www.scottsdalesportsmedicine.com, Scottsdale Sports Medicine Institute.  Dr. Carfagno seeks to find non-surgical solutions for sports and work-related injuries

Dan Secrest, DC:  www.secrestfamilychiropractic.com  Dr. Secrest is a practicing chiropractic physician.  He is a firm believer in a multi-disciplined approach to healthcare.

Rev. Ray's Healing/Prayer, Wedding Ministry: http://ministriesforyou.com/

Hotfrog Website: http://www.hotfrog.com/Companies/Pain-Management-Elite-Sports-Performance-Dr-Raymond-J-Petras

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