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Painful Jammed Thumb, No Problem

See what wide-receiver does, on sideline
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                                                              Minnesota Vikings
                                                           Pro Bowler - Matt Blair
Matt Blair - NFL Pro Bowl Linebacker - Minnesota Vikings
"I feel that Dr. Petras has something that could be of great benefit to professional athletes or anyone in pain for that matter.”  As you may know, I was a Pro Bowl Linebacker and played with the Minnesota Vikings, NFL, for twelve years.  During my career I sustained an injury to my left knee, which required surgery.  When I met Dr. Petras, my good (right) knee, was hurting me and I was concerned.  After a friendly game of golf, Craig (Master PGA golfer), Dr. Petras and our guests sat down for a brief presentation and demonstration of his Talking Away Pain™ (TAP™) technique.  It was amazing.  In 15-20 minutes, I was without any pain in my right knee.  That was June 5th.  I have played a lot of golf and been very active this summer and I am still pain free.

Benefit: Over-the-phone

Dr. Raymond J. Petras' work entails the use of techniques and methods that have been very successful in enhancing performance and safely, reducing injury time.  This is an especially important benefit for athletes and teams that travel.

Tight end on crutches:                Gets "over-the-phone" help

Vic Wallace - Head Football Coach, Univ. of St. Thomas, MN, Lambuth University, Jackson, TN
...prior to the eighth game of the ‘94 season...Lambuth was two wins away from a conference crown and national playoffs.  We had an all-America tight end [Justin Taylor] who was on crutches and unable to put weight on his ankle.  We had him X-rayed by an orthopedic doctor who said he wouldn’t be able to play.  (Click article image below to read complete article)

Then I called Dr. Petras and asked him if he ever worked with someone over the phone.  We put Justin in an office and Dr. Petras worked with him for 40 minutes over-the-phone. Taylor came out of the room carrying his crutches and the pain was gone. He played on Saturday.  We went on to win the conference and we went on to the national playoffs.  His pain never returned. (Click article image below to read complete article)
Coach: Petras is Ahead of His Time

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Petras Speaks, Injuries Listen
What if you were injured and your doc was at a different location?

The mind is as important as physical conditioning

The mind is just as important as physical conditioning, maybe more so, in attaining a high level of performance.  It is generally neglected in injury management.  The mind can aid the athlete in returning to the field of play safely and more quickly than with conventional, standard medicine (CSM) and training methods alone.                                

Videos, Testimonials
Although this page mainly shows videos and testimonials from football and hockey players, coaches, athletes, physicians, trainers, a university president and parents, the information and results apply to athletes in any sport.

                 Video                                               Video                                            
Division Leading Punt Returner            Record Setting QB                 Fullback moves up depth chart
   Three TD's in 1st Quarter                Throws five TD's in game                  Uses visualization
      Wide-receiver scores                Injury work helps performance           Improves performance
      (click photo to view)                  (back spasms, ankle sprain)       Eliminates shoulder pain to play
(click photo to view)                  (click photo to view)

     Tight-end breaks wrist
      Returns in four weeks
         Scores TD-How?
      (click photo to view)


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The 2006 Italian Olympic Hockey Team enlisted Dr. Raymond J. Petras' help for injuries, over-the-phone.

2006 Torino Olympic Games-Italian Olympic Hockey

Italian National, Olympic and former University of Ottawa
Head Hockey coach Mickey Goulet says:
“Dr. Ray Petras was a major factor in the success of the team...with his special pain management technique players were able to control their pain and play...In cases such as dislocations, he was able to expedite the healing process.  Injuries that normally took four to five weeks, would take half the time... Dr. Petras always worked in conjunction with our team doctor and athletic therapist...Our captain had a cruciate ligament operation and with Dr. Petras’ help was back in half the time it would normally take...we had six players injured...he flew out and within a couple of days, under the supervision of our doctor, five of the players were ready to play...I can’t help but feel that Dr. Petras would make a strong contribution to your team’s success.”

“Dr. Ray Petras has shown what an impact he can have on a team.  The 2002-3 University of Ottawa hockey team had a number of injuries throughout the season.  Before playoffs, there were five players injured and out of the lineup.  By playoff time, Dr. Petras was able to help all the players’ back by reducing their recovery time and eliminating their pain."

Major Junior - Canadian National Champions

Robert Mongrain - Head Coach, NHL - former player, Hull Olympics (Canadian National Champions), Hull, Québec, Canada
“A Major factor in our winning the Championship, was Dr. Ray Petras... Just before the playoffs, Dr. Petras worked with our injured athletes to relieve their pain and speed their healing.  Many of these athletes were not expected to play because of their injuries.  Not only did they play, but they played superbly.   Dr. Petras worked closely with our doctors and trainer... when we got into a slump, we flew in Dr. Petras and in less that a week, he was able to help us get back on track... I am impressed with Dr. Petras’ expertise... He is likable, knows his role, is low key and was never a distraction.  He has been a tremendous asset to my athletes, coaches and me.  I highly recommend...”
Charles Henry - Governor, Hull Olympiques (Canadian National Champions), Hull, Québec, Canada.
“For years, we have employed Dr. Petras to work with our hockey players for performance enhancement and pain management...our players returned to play more quickly than with standard physiotherapy methods alone.  Our athletic therapist, Serge Haché, was amazed by the immediate recovery.  I highly recommend...”
Serge Haché – Athletic Therapist, Hull Olympiques (Canadian National Champions), Hull, Québec, Canada.
“I am impressed with a unique technique developed by Dr. Ray Petras for relieving pain and improving range of motion thereby, accelerating the healing process…I examined athletes both prior to and after the intervention. I have observed rapid recovery that I did not believe possible…the technique is both very safe and effective. Therefore, I highly recommend his services to any professional or amateur organization wishing to accelerate the safe return to play of their athletes.”
               NHL                    Philadelphia Flyers   Ottawa Senators

E. J. McGuire - Coach Philadelphia Flyers, Ottawa Senators Hockey says:
“... Your (Dr. Raymond J.Petras) pain management work has a ton of implications and obvious applications.  I predict you’ll be hearing again from myself and those with whom I speak about your work.”


Performance & Injuries

Dr. Petras works with golfers to quickly improve their performance. He also works using non-invasive, drugless techniques to safely help golfers return from injuries and play at a high level.

Turning Your Game Around - Focusing

“... my one session with you was a turning point in my game... your technique for focusing was very effective.”  Kris Gentile - Ohio State Golf Team, Columbus, OH

Injury Sidelined Me
                                            Craig Waryan - Master Professional

“... I had an injury that sidelined me from competitive golf for months and am still in the recovery and rehabilitation mode.  Your techniques work!  My rehabilitation has accelerated at a tremendous rate thanks to you.”  Craig Waryan - PGA Master Professional, Troy Burne GC, Hudson, WI

Golfer Performance Workshop and Injury/Pain Management Demonstration

Fused Vertebra, back and neck
“... I have a fused vertebra in my low back and a partially fused vertebra in my neck.  My neck always gives me problems after only a few holes.  On January 12, 1999, Dr. Petras, in connection with the PGA, gave a seminar to Minnesota Golf Professionals on "The Mind-Body Approach for Enhanced Golfer Performance/Playing Pain Free".  As I was the host of the seminar, Dr. Petras asked me to participate as his test subject.  I'm happy he did. In a very short time using his method of ‘Talking Away Pain™’, my mobility increased by 20% in my neck, without pain.  It truly was amazing.  Having dealt with this problem for years and to have it improve drastically, almost immediately, was incredible.  Every day I use Dr. Petras' simple steps and I continue to play pain free.”  Rick Sitek - PGA Golf Professional/Manager, Dwan GC, Bloomington, MN

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