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Dr. Raymond J. Petras, B.E., M.A., Ph.D
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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis; self-hypnosis is not new. This phenomenon has existed since the beginning of mankind. Simply, hypnosis is a state where a person, generally relaxed, is given a suggestion. Hypnosis is often characterized as a sleep-like state. It is not the same as sleep. Subjects are aware and not unconscious.

There is no one theory or definition of hypnosis that is globally accepted.

Hypnosis has become well known thanks to stage acts. Yet, stage hypnosis has clouded peoples view to its benefits. In the minds of some people the word “hypnosis” has connotations of magic or “hocus-pocus.”

Hypnosis has been clinically proven to provide many medical and therapeutic benefits, most notably in the reduction of pain and anxiety. In 1958, the American Medical Association formally approved hypnosis as a medical and dental tool. Did you know that hypnosis was the treatment of choice before anesthesia was developed?

It is not a practice of medicine nor is it a “cure-all.” A physician or appropriate medical professional should supervise any medical problems. Hypnosis is a tool, which has benefited many thousands upon thousands.

All hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis

It is commonly accepted by those who practice hypnosis that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

Can You Be Hypnotized?

Dr. Petras' experience indicates almost everyone can be hypnotized. You, in fact, are in a state of hypnosis many times during the day, only you do not realize it.

If you wish to be hypnotized, you will. It is important to remain open minded, you will respond better. Being able to concentrate and having confidence in the hypnotist helps, but is not necessary. A portion of the population can be hypnotized quickly while others may take longer.

What Are The Number of Sessions Needed?

Although you could attain your goal in one session, it will probably take a series of sessions to obtain noticeable and lasting results. You do not become proficient in music or sports after one hour of practice. Therefore, you should plan on signing up for a minimum of five sessions. Sessions generally last from 40-50 minutes.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis is a state of consciousness the subject enters by himself or herself, sometimes with the aid of a hypnotist. No one knows exactly how it works. The hypnotist merely serves as a coach or tutor. As Dr. Petras said earlier, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

What Effects Does Hypnosis Have?

The experience of hypnosis can vary dramatically from one person to another. Some hypnotized individuals report feeling a sense of detachment, some altered perceptions and some extreme relaxation. Most remain fully aware and are able to carry out conversations.

What Can Hypnosis Be Used For?

The following are just a few of the many applications of hypnosis that have been proven with research:

    * The treatment of chronic pain conditions.
    * Reduction of pain during childbirth.
    * Weight Loss
    * Smoking Cessation
    * The reduction of nausea and vomiting in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.
    * Control of pain during dental procedures.
    * Elimination or reduction of skin conditions including warts and psoriasis.
    * Alleviation of symptoms association with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Other Benefits

•   Improved selling ability
•   Improved study habits
•   Stopping fingernail biting
•   Relieving stress and tension
•   Building self-confidence
•   Improving sleep
•   Stopping bed wetting
•   Much more…

Is Hypnosis dangerous?  No!

Hypnosis is no more dangerous than natural sleep. There is no evidence that hypnosis will weaken the will, damage the nervous system or in any other way adversely affect the physical and mental well being of an individual.

•   Leslie LeCron, Ph.D. psychologist and hypnosis authority writes, “As to self-induction, many thousands have learned it; and I have yet to hear reports of any bad results of its use”

•   William Kroger, M.D., reports, “We have never observed any harmful influences on the patient which could be ascribed to the method of hypno-suggestion therapy, or any tendency toward the development of unstable personality, weakening of the will, or pathological urge for hypnosis.”

Hypnosis Myths

Myth 1: When you wake up from hypnosis, you won’t remember anything that happened when you were hypnotized.

While amnesia can occur, it is very rare. People generally remember everything that occurred while they were hypnotized. You are neither asleep nor unconscious.

Myth 2: You can be hypnotized against your will.

This is false. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You simply say no to any suggestion that is not in your best interest.

Myth 3: The hypnotist has complete control of your actions while you’re under hypnosis.

A hypnotist cannot make you perform actions that are against your values or morals. You are in control. You are in full possession of all your faculties, even more keenly than when in a “normal” state. At any time you wish, you are capable of ending the hypnotic state.

Myth 4: Hypnosis can make you super-strong, fast or athletically talented.

While hypnosis can be used to enhance your performance, you should not count on it to make you super human.


Dr. Raymond J. Petras—Hypnosis Training

•   University of Minnesota Medical School, Medical Hypnosis—1987-1991
•   Southlake Hypnosis, General Hypnosis—1986
•   Association for the Advancement of Ethical Hypnosis, General Hypnosis—1979
•   The Hypnosis Center, General Hypnosis—1975
•   Minnesota Society of Clinical Hypnosis (MSCH)—[CEU’s].

Uses (Conditions)

•   Weight Loss
•   Smoking Cessation
•   Injury/Pain Management
•   Sports Performance
•   Past Life Regressions
•   Clinical and Spiritual Hypnotherapy
•   Other…

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