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PsychoNeuro Pain Response™ (PNPR™)

Also called

Talking Away Pain™ (TAP™)

Dr. Raymond Petras has developed PNPR™ to speed healing, eliminate pain and improve range of motion (ROM) and functionality. The technique is a combination of safe, well-known techniques found in literature.  It involves focus, imagery, relaxation of muscles, positive thoughts and self-talk.  Since 1989, the technique has been used with individuals experiencing a wide range of pain and/or restricted range of motion without any adverse reactions observed or reported.

See Testimonials Page.

PNPR™ includes a unique and comprehensive process specifically designed to teach skills to reduce/eliminate pain, not “learn to live with it.”  Dr. Petras’ work is done in conjunction with standard medical procedures and he works closely with primary care, medical personnel.

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