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After You Have Done All You Can

"Give Yourself Permission To Get Better™"

Dr. Raymond J. Petras, B.E., M.A., Ph.D.

Pain Relief, Behavior Change & Performance Enhancement

"A New Standard of Care - Dr. Steven Elias, MD, PhD"

Twitter @relief4u2

P.O. Box 5295

Scottsdale, AZ 85254


About Me

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For the past 30+ years, Dr. Petras has assisted individuals, corporations, teams and athletes, manage health and injuries, change behavior, improve performance and reduce pain when conventional methods have failed to do so.

His programs are based on the philosophy - "Mind-Body-Spirit"


Dr. Petras is the developer of the PsychoNeuro Pain Response™ (PNPR™) also called Talking Away Pain™ (TAP™) Technique that deals with injuries, behavior, general illness and so much more.

Twitter @relief4u2

P.O. Box 5295

Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Dr. Raymond J. Petras-Mindful Wellness Specialist

Relief For Your Mind, Body, Spiritual and Emotional Needs

Pain Relief
Performance, Mental Training
Stress, Anxiety, Behavior Change

Need help improving your performance in sports, at work, etc? Dr. Petras' proven methods can help.

Stress and Anxiety is a part of life. Everyone has some. How and when you deal with stress and anxiety is important. Self-Confidence, Risk Taking, Insomnia

Injury Management

To date, the focus on concussions has been on education, prevention, diagnosis and baseline testing.


Treatments have been lacking. TAP™ offers a safe method that has safely eliminated concussion symptoms of nausea, dizziness and headaches while improving cognitive functioning. Suffering is reduced while the brain returns to normal functioning.

Hypnosis has many medical and therapeutic benefits. In 1958, the American Medical Association approved hypnosis as a medical and dental tool.


Hypnosis was used to control pain before anesthesia. It has benefited thousands with various conditions.

There is more in dealing with an injury or condition than just, "stitching up a wound" or "reducing pain." You are mind- body-spirit. Each part needs to be addressed. Doing so, improves your chances of complete healing, not just temporary symptom removal.

Assisting Trainers, Physicians
Business - Health Care

Working in conjunction with the physician, trainer, medical practitioner:

  1. Obtain a better history, exam

  2. Calm patient

  3. Reduce anxiety & fear

  4. Reduce pain

  5. Work in a timely fashion

  6. Enable physician to use fewer medical interventions

  7. Reduce overall costs

  8. Prevent condition becoming chronic

  9. Safely speed the healing process

  10. Return athletes and non-athletes to normal functioning faster than thought possible

Health concerns.

Healthcare costs.

My work was instrumental in helping the City of St. Paul, MN, Workers' Compensation Division save over $1 million in workers' compensation costs, in one year.

CWCE Article: When Drugs, Surgery and Rehab Fail. Relieving Pain, Reducing Costs and Returning Employees to Work

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